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The Best Youtube Photography teachers

Thank goodness for the internet, right? Nowadays we can access so much information with just a Google search bar. If there is a skill you want to learn, a fact you want to know, or viral video you want to watch, you just type it in.

My Passion for photography was fueled by the education shared with me by great people who were willing to share their knowledge and experience with the world. For me, it all started when my brother gave me my first camera, but it continued because of the motivation and information that has been given to me by the teachers of the internet.

So without further ado, here is my list of the top YouTubers that you should definitely be watching to help you grow in your photography journey!

5. Kayleigh June

Kayleigh isn't as big as some of the others yet but she is definitely well on her way. She has some really cool travel and behind the scenes videos. Perhaps my favorite thing about Kayleigh is how honest she is about being a photographer. She isn't afraid to tell you how it is!

4. Jessica Kobeissi

Beyond her lovely and corky personality, she is a wonderful fashion and portrait photographer who genuinely cares about helping you reach your potential. She is the mind behind one of my favorite series on youtube to watch, "4 photographers shoot the same model". She is always trying to think of new and original video ideas and has always delivered!

3. Peter Mckinnon

Pete blew up on YouTube! Not only is he a wonderful teacher, but he has mastered the balance between being personal and educational. His charming personality, comfortable on camera presence, an encyclopedia of knowledge is what has made him one of the best and most popular internet teachers right now!

2. Mango Street

These guys are doing so good right now! Mango Street is a couple that started a youtube channel that has grown into such a great educational tool. They really know their stuff and are so good at explaining things in a way you can understand. I definitely think they are one of the most helpful teachers on youtube right now. They are always posting fresh content and they surprise me at how informative and entertaining they are.

Honorable Mentions

Manny Ortiz for my all my friends shooting on Sony. Jessica Whitaker for her support communities, Build & Bloom and Sister, Sister. Thomas Heaton for his awesome landscape tutorials and behind the scenes.

1. Julia Trotti

Julia is hands down one of the best teachers I have found on youtube. She truly seems like she wants to help you be the best photographer you can be and she will tell you everything she knows. She will give you everything you need to know to take your portrait photography to the next level weather you want to know more about gear, business, posting, editing, and everything else. Also she is so nice and her work is amazing!

In a sea of youtube videos on photography, these are the YouTubers that have helped me the most! I can't thank them enough for their willingness to share their knowledge with the world.

Above all, remember your greatest teachers will always be time and experience. So go out and shoot! I guarantee you will get better every time!


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