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Why you should travel to Leavenworth, Washington

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

I had the pleasure of taking a girl's trip to the beautiful Leavenworth Washington. After landing in Seattle, it's about a two-hour drive to this small Bavarian-styled village. The two hours can fly by with gorgeous views, good music, and solid company!

When you first drive into Leavenworth you are greeted with beautiful mountains, trees, campgrounds, and even the river that runs throughout. Pictures can never quite capture the beauty that our eyes can see, but the views are truly majestic. There are some amazing spots to take pictures, fly a drone, or just breathe in the fresh air.

About 40 minutes out from town there is Deception Falls. This is a stunning, earthy, and mossy wooded area with a multi-tiered waterfall. It is easily accessible aI could have stayed there for hours just exploring and looking around!

This was a 10/10 girls trip, but since I have always woken up way earlier than everyone else, I had a wonderful time with some solo exploring in the mornings. I got to relax, fly the drone in the soft golden light, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Check out this video that combines my newbie drone footage, my friend Kristin's GoPro footage, and an assortment of phone videos taken on the trip! This was the most beautiful learning environment to experiment with my new Mavic 2 Air!


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