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Photography in Disney World

 © Sarah Hall 2019. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.
My absolute favorite picture I took of Cinderella's Castle! © Sarah Hall 2019. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission

My first photography love was always portraits, but that's just one type of photography out of many. While I have been away in Orlando Florida working for the mouse for the past 4 months, I have sorely missed taking portraits. While I was really hoping to be able to take more portraits at the Disney parks, between working all the time and wanting to enjoy my time in the parks without an expensive camera rolling around in my bag while on a bunch of rides, it unfortunately didn't happen that way. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to make that up! But while I may not have gotten many portraits, I definitely got to take a lot of street style photos that I proud to share with you now! And after taking a step away from my normal photography work to do something very different was just what I needed to expand my skills!

The Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

Pandora in Animal Kingdom

Spaceship Earth in Epcot

Each Park has something that's just so special about it, and that special thing might be different for each person. For me, Magic Kingdom is just so aesthetically beautiful, Animal Kingdom offered the best experiences, Hollywood had such a fun feel and atmosphere, and Epcot was a wonderful and unique experience without rides because of the world showcase. Epcot's food was also a winner!

Animal Kingdom's River of Light show

Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom

A bird posing for me in Epcot

Although I might not have brought my camera out as much I intended to, I knew I wanted to experience as much as possible. Finding the balance between capturing and experiencing is a common battle for me. I think it's a problem a lot of us face nowadays whether we are photographers or not. I don't ever want to be the person that records the whole concert on their phone for their snapchat story, or checks Instagram so much that they miss seeing the world around them. I think that goes for my camera as well. I don't want to be so worried about capturing that I miss experiencing. So even though I didn't have my camera out as much as I could have for someone who was there for four months, I really experienced Disney World while I was there, and I don't regret that.

Animal Kingdom

Be Our Guest

Animal Kingdom not only was my favorite park, but my favorite park to take pictures at. I definitely ended up with the most pictures from here, and I wish I could have taken more!

Elephant at DAK


Neytiri from Avatar in Pandora at DAK

Rivers of Light

They always say the best camera is the one we have with us, and a lot of the time, that's our phone. That rung true during my time in Disney world. Since diving deeper and deeper into the photography world, at times i have thought that I always need my camera everywhere in order to get pictures worth sharing. Being in Disney for so long really allowed me to lose that mindset, which was something I needed. You can't bring your nice camera out for every picture you want to take or have taken of you. Being forced to use my phone for pictures for this time really allowed me to further develop my eye and take pictures that were interesting without nice gear. We all know that good pictures are taken by a good photographer, not just an expensive camera. While nice gear can make a huge difference in your photography, how you shoot makes the biggest impact. When relying on my phone for pictures, I didn't have the blurry backgrounds, extremely editable RAW files, or subjects that I would normally lean on. It forced me to look differently, and appreciate the bigger picture more. I learned a lot of lessons that I can apply to my portraiture by remembering what I wanted when I asked others to take pictures of me! So I will share a few pictures that I could only take on my phone next. I am very excited to experiment with what I learned with my camera and hopefully take my pictures to the next level.

Participating in the Disney College Program was seriously one of the best decisions! I had the time of my life getting to truly experience the Disney Magic in such a full and unique way. I'm also excited about what I learned while I was there, personally and creatively. I hope to apply the lessons to my photography journey and my life journey!


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