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Disney Performers

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

One of my favorite subjects to photograph while in Disney World is definitely the performers. They add so much life and fun to each park, and they are a joy to capture! Whether they are singing, dancing, speaking, or whatever else, I can always rely on getting some great photographs if I do my job right.

In my last Disney photo blog post, I mentioned trying to find the balance between capturing and experiencing things. Iv'e never wanted to be so consumed with taking a picture of something that I don't see it with my eyes. I still believe in this, but I have come to realize that part of the way I love to experience things is through capturing them. I realize that when i bring out my camera and attempt to capture it, I am still super engaged and attentive to what my eyes are seeing, just in a different way. And when the photo comes out great, its a new kind of memory and reminder stuck in time that you got to create and be proud of.

To start off, The Festival of the Lion King is hands down one of my favorite shows in Disney World. It's lively, unique, and it displays so many interesting visuals and talents in a 30 minuet time frame. This show has easily given me the opportunity to take some of my favorite performer photos so far!

Now here's a show that possibly doesn't get enough love, but is a great one none the less. Finding Nemo the Musical is a fun, vibrant, and unique performance. They execute the visuals and stage sets using tons of performers and props, and they bring the story to life just beautifully! I also very much so appreciate how Disney totally recognizes how good of a movie Finding Nemo is and was, and they show it through the multiple attractions that are themed to it.

Next, The musicians and dancers. There are so many around all the parks that I could never capture them all in one vacation and still manage to do anything else I came for. That said, there aren't nearly as many photos in this section as their could and should be! In fact, this section is sadly small. I would love to dedicate a few days in each park just photographing the many performers.

Lastly, there are some performers that do some random things. You never really know with Disney. They may be in Epcot making some great beats using trash cans, walking around on stilts, or they are acting as human statues.

Also, I almost forgot, there are tons of parade performers in Disney. This is another sadly small section as I was only able to go to one parade this time around, and I wasn't able to secure a good spot. I did of course try my best to get a few shots of two of my favorites, Queen Anna and the spectacularly powerful Elsa! They are however, wearing their older outfits in the parade... If you're confused, go see Frozen 2!

And that's it for this trip. I wish I could just spend the entire time taking pictures of all the amazing performers. There are so many that I have missed! But I also needed to ride some rides right?

And one last bonus since my life has been pretty consumed by the Star Wars franchise as of lately...


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